Development and manufacturing

Our core expertise is the development and manufacturing of pyrotechnical activation and propulsion cartridges for pilot ejection seats of western and former soviet design.

Leading independent manufacturer

Certified and accredited by many air forces and aviation repair and maintenance factories around the globe, TARA is acknowledged as the leading independent manufacturer of pyrotechnical aviation cartridges.


The extensive laboratories and experienced team of TARA engineers are providing a wide range of possibilities for research and development of almost any type of pyrotechnical products or small arms technology according to customer requirements and specifications.

Pyrotechnical Activation Charges

Pyrotechnical Activation Charges and Rocket Engines are used in the following products:

  • Pyrotechnical Activation Charges and Rocket Engines for all Russian design Ejection Seats type KM-1, KM-1M,K36L and K36DM, used in various Aircraft types, MIG21, MIG23, SU25, SU27, MIG29, L39
  • Pyrotechnical Activation Charges and Rocket Engines for Martin Baker Ejection Seats Mk-9, Mk-10 and Mk-11 as well as Folland Mk-1 used in Aircraft types, Tornado, F4 Phantom, F5 Tiger, F16 and others as well as Galeb and Super Galeb
  • Pyrotechnical Blasting Caps for firing initiation type PPL, PPL-T, PP-9 and for Aircraft Machine Guns type Yak-B and Gsh-23 gun as well as TK-M71 for the D30 Howitzer
  • Counter measure Infrared and Anti-Radar Chaff Flares type PPI-26, PPR-26 and PPI-50 and PPR-50
  • Signal Flares 38/40mm and Personal Rescue Flare Kits for Pilots and other users
  • Anti Riot Ammunition 37/38 and 38/40mm


Initially established in cooperation with the main Mortar Shell Manufacturer of former Yugoslavia, the company Krusik Valjevo, TARA products were the main suppliers of Mortar Shell fuses and other Artillery Ammunition and Rocket Fuses that were in production by the Yugoslavian Defence Industries. Also, TARA is manufacturing several types of Fuses for Mines and Fuses for Aviation Bombs.

  • Mortar Shell Fuses Calibers 60mm, 80mm, 81mm, 82mm and 120mm
  • Hand Grenade Fuses for Hand Grenades type M-75 and ARGES
  • Fuses for various types of Mines

Professional disassembly and ecologic disposal

TARA is offering the knowledge and safe infrastructure to disassemble all types of Munitions and Rocket engines. Because of the expertise and experience in working with Fuses, Pyrotechnics and Explosives, TARA has recently been selected by the Ministry of Defense of Montenegro under the MONDEM Project as a partner for the professional disassembly and ecologic disposal of various types of obsolete Large Caliber Ammunitions. Further projects and expansion of the demilitarization projects are in preparation.