Product Description
BBU-36/B Impulse Cartridge BBU-36/B is used for activating infrared decoy flare MJU-7 A/B 2 x 1 x 8 inches.
PPR-26 PPR-26 is used for air shielding, with passive obstruction of the radio local cellules in the diapason of the wavelength of 2.2 cm to 11 cm.
PPR-50 Chaff Cartridge PPR-50 is designed to protect fixed-wing aircraft from radar guided missiles. Suitable aircraft ejection devices such as KDS-23, KDS-155, APP-50 and UV-3.
PPR-50-17-110 Chaff Cartridge PPR-50-17-110 is an advanced countermeasure system to deflect Radio Frequency guided anti-aircraft missiles.
TM-BBU-35 Impulse Cartridge TM-BBU-35 is used for activating infrared decoy flare TM-M206 1 x 1 x 8 inches and chaff countermeasure TM-RR-170 1 x 1 x 8 inches.
TM-RR-170 Chaff Countermeasure TM-RR-170 is used to protect the aircraft from passive radar guided missile threats by providing a suitable alternative and preferred decoy.