Product Description
UBR-M75P1 Fuse UBR-M75P1 is assigned for the safely activating hand grenade BR-M75.
UBRV-M75P1 Fuse UBRV-M75P1 is assigned for the hand grenade practice BRV-M75, which is assigned for the military training in the handling with the hand grenade.
UD-M76P1 Percussion Detonator UD-M76P1 is the assembly of fuse UBR-M75P1 which is consisted of initial cap, delay device, transit initial powder and detonator powder.
VUD-M76P1 Practice percussion detonator VUD-M76P1 is assemblied of UBRV-M75P1 fuse. VUD-M76P1 consists all pyrotechnical components of this fuse: initial cap, delay element and explosive powder.