The combination of accuracy, reliability, range and penetration is what makes our assault rifles stand out.

The TM-M4A1 Assault Rifle represents the ultimate evolution of the battle proven M16 rifle design for the 21st Century. Without compromises, TARA has built a reliable and modern, state-of-the-art primary weapon, which guarantees the highest accuracy in all weather conditions and is ideal for tropical climates due to its total corrosion protection.

Assault Rifle


Caliber .223 Rem or 300 Blackout

Answering the growing call for full-automatic assault rifles in a stronger NATO caliber (7,62x51) we now also present the new TM-10 Assault Rifle, which has been fully integrated into our small arms family, providing maximum interchangeability with all other TARA weapons and also guaranteeing the same quality standards.

Assault Rifle


Caliber .308 (7,62x51 NATO)