UTIU M72B1 is a point detonating, mechanical fuse of super-quick, inertia and delay action. Action selecting is by turning of sleeve and removing of cap. UTIU M72B1 is equivalent to fuse V429. Fuse is for HE shells 85, 100, 122, 130 and 152 mm.

Datasheet UTIU M72B1  (PDF, 274 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Fuses / Mortar Shells


Length105.71 mm (without adaptor)
ThreadSP 36.14 x 2.54 mm (55°)
Weight≈ 420 g
Safety typeas per MIL-STD- 1316B
Drop Safety3 m
Action typeSuper-quick, Inertia, Delay
Minimal arming conditionsAcceleration: 24000 m/s², Rotation: 3100 min-1
Muzzle Safety Distanceminimum 10 m
Operating temperaturefrom -40°C to +50°C
UN Number0106
ADR Number1.1B


Standard packing consists of 50 fuses in one wooden box.

Shelf life

15 years