Fuse UT M69 is being assigned for the completing of the instant mortar shells 60 mm.

Fuse has percussion and instant effect. It is safe in the barrel and in the front of barrel mouth at least 8 m. Fuse is dimensioned for the biggest accelerations from 110.000 to 120.000 m/s². The fuse is not air-tight.

Datasheet UT M69  (PDF, 196 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Fuses / Mortar Shells


Length73 mm
Diameter36 mm
Mortar shell depth11 mm
Fuse mass145 g
Operating temperaturefrom -30°C to +50°C
UN Number0106
ADR Number1.1B


Standard packing consists of 144 fuses in carton tubes in one wooden box.
Dimensions 585 x 345 x 275 mm.