Fuse UT M68P1 is assigned for the completing of the 60, 81/ 82 and 120 mm HE and SMOKE mortar shells.

The fuse is supplied with safety wire, which has to be removed before firing.

Datasheet UT M68P1  (PDF, 219 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Fuses / Mortar Shells


Length86 mm
Diameter46 mm
Weight175 g
Connecting threadM38x2
Low - explosive traininterrupted
Drop safety3 m
Arming typeinertial
Muzzle safety at initial velocity of 70 m/sminimum 8 m
Action typesuper quick
Operating temperaturefrom -30°C to +50°C
UN Number0106
ADR Number1.1B


Standard packing consists of 100 fuses in carton tubes in one plywood box.
Dimensions 700 x 365 x 270 mm.

Shelf life

Fuses are winded up on mortar shells that are packed in their original package and they are being keeping in appropriate ammunition warehouses. Shelf life is minimum 15 years under keeping in the prescribed storage conditions.