Percussion Detonator UD-M76P1 is the assembly of fuse UBR-M75P1 which is consisted of initial cap, delay device, transit initial powder and detonator powder. It is assigned to, in the assembly of fuse UBR-M75P1,bring up the explosive powder charge to detonation.

Datasheet UD-M76P1  (PDF, 189 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Grenades


Length70 mm
Diameter12 mm
Weight13 g
Delay time3 - 4.4 s
Operating temperaturefrom -10°C to +50°C
UN Number0361
ADR Number1.4B


Standard packing consists of 100 percussion detonators in one carton box.
Dimensions 100 x 100 x 75 mm.

9 carton boxes (900 percussion detonators) in one metal box.
Dimensions 306 x 156 x 192 mm.

4 metal boxes (3600 percussion detonators) in one wooden box.
Dimensions 710 x 370 x 290 mm.

Shelf life

12 months, under storing condition.
10 years build-in in the hand bomb in above mentioned and prescribed storing conditions.

Keep on dry place, in the warehouse with good ventilation on the temperature from -10 ° to +30 °C.