Chaff Countermeasure TM-RR-170 is used to protect the aircraft from passive radar guided missile threats by providing a suitable alternative and preferred decoy.

This TARA Aerospace and Defence Products AD Chaff has been assigned with the NATO Codification System Number NSN 5865-77-000-0098.

Datasheet TM-RR-170  (PDF, 185 KB)


Lengthmax. 207 mm
Body Dimensions24.7 mm x 24.7 mm
Rim Dimensions27 mm x 27 mm
Weightmax. 182 g
InitiationImpulse cartridge TM BBU-35
Bridge resistance0.5 - 1.2 ohm
Current strengthnot less than 4.0 A
Dispensing SystemsAN/ALE-39, 40, 45, and 47
Operating temperaturefrom -60°C to +60°C
UN Number0323
ADR Number1.4s
Packing GroupII


30 TM-RR-170 chaff cartridges are packed inside a fiber container.
4 containers are loaded in a fiber box.

Shelf life

Storage life: 9 years. Install life: 1 year.