9x19 mm NATO

Blow back

Barrel length

Trigger action

The TM-9 SMG Submachine Gun has been designed to especially fit law enforcement requirements, allowing easy handling through the compact conception. The small size and weight result in a smooth handling in vehicles and buildings while also granting long-range capabilities by using the extractable stock.

Datasheet TM-9 SMG  (PDF, 320 KB)

Key features

The chosen caliber in 9x19 parabellum makes it perfect for CQB and modern urban requirements, especially for Police, Military Police and Special Forces, while at the same time being fully compatible with Military Specifications. In addition many components of the TM-9 SMG are compatible with modern NATO rifles of the M16 and M4 family, with a view to interchangeability of the armament used by forces. The reliable blow-back system, together with the used materials and surface technology guarantee simple maintenance and functionality and performance in all environments and conditions.

Blow Back System

The use of the 9mm NATO calibers not only allows the use of a reliable blow back system, avoiding any kind of special maintenance requirements because of gas residuals but also provides excellent target acquisition performance even in automatic fire modes.

Modular handguards

The short and light-weight aluminum handguards are equipped with a quick attachment function and a picatinny rail on the top throughout the entire length. Additional rails can be mounted on the key mod system selectively on the sides and the bottom of the hand-guard according to user requirements to allow a smoother grip and reduce unnecessary weight.

Upper Receiver

The FLAT TOP upper receiver is made from Forged aluminum alloy 7075-T6 with a hard anodized surface to make it resistant to all kinds of environmental influences. The rail on top will accept any standardized sights available and will be in alignment with the barrel.

Lower Receiver

The lower receiver is made from special, highly resistant and reinforced Polymer, reducing the total weight of the gun and absorbing the recoil of the system. The magazine well is specially designed for accepting 9mm magazines of different capacities and provides finger groves in the front. The grip is interchangeable and different variants are offered.

Operator friendliness

An ambidextrous fire-selector provides maximum comfort, safety and flexibility to the user. The markings and design allow intuitive recognition of the modes, avoiding possible accidents as the recognition of the relevant mode being activated can be tactile or visibly.

Retractable Buttstock

The retractable polymer buttstock can be adjusted to 5 different lengths and comes with 3 different sizes and forms of rubber backplates. It provides 4 positions to attach QD swivel slings and is specially designed for comfortable use in all positions including sniper positions.