9x19 mm NATO

Trigger system

Barrel length
113 mm

Black, OD Green, Desert Tan, Urban Gray

The TM-9 Semi-Automatic Service Pistol combines the latest developments and features of cutting edge firearm technology not only with regards to quality standards, precision and durability but also considering the strictest safety requirements.

The extremely hard and anticorrosive slide can be disconnected from the Polymer Lower Receiver without the need to pull the trigger. This can be considered an additional passive safety – just like the pistol’s ability to allow consecutive striker actions (real double action) without the need to rack the slide.

Datasheet TM-9 / TM-9C  (PDF, 172 KB)

Key features

State-of-the-art characteristics like anti-corrosive surface protection, high capacity double stack magazines and picatinny rails to mount tactical lights are the answer to the requirements of modern forces. In addition the TM-9 features an ambidextrous magazine release button and a special lanyard connection point to cover all possible scenarios. The DARE-Trigger system allows for fast and simple training of new users and for a smooth transition for those who come from old conventional systems, in order to reach maximum safety and effectivity with minimum effort and costs.

Trigger System & Safetys

The Tara trigger operation is striker-fired and its special DARE System (Double Action Rapid Engagement) resets the firing-pin after a 3mm release of the trigger. This allows fast precision taps after the first round fired in Double Action. After a misfire there is no need to rack the slide, a second striker action can be initiated by simply pulling the trigger again. There is no need to pull the trigger in order to disassemble the firearm. This helps to prevent accidental discharges during cleaning procedures.

The firing pin safety, which blocks the firing pin within the channel right behind the breach-face, until the triggerbar has been moved rearward by the trigger, the safety remains active. The drop safety on the DARE System will be engaged by the firing pin reset spring, which guarantees that the striker remains in the engaged position at all times and cannot float freely in the firing pin channel forward.

SPEAR Trigger (Optional)

There is also an optional trigger system available, offering a lighter trigger pull. The so called SPEAR system (Semi Precocked Enhanced Action Reset) is fully interchangeable with all TM-9/TM-9C pistols and can be installed by simply replacing the DARE Trigger bar with a SPEAR Trigger bar, equipped with trigger safety and inserting a spacer into the rear block of the trigger system. The trigger bar is then prevented from moving downwards to engaged position and the pistol operates on SPEAR mode. The combination of the internal safeties provides a safe trigger system, allowing the pistol to fire only when the trigger is fully pulled.

Low Bore-Axis (22 mm)

The bore axis (distance between barrel center and beaver-tail) of the TM-9 is extremely low. The extraordinary design of the slide and the ergonomic grip made it possible to provide a system with a bore-axis being almost 10mm lower than most comparable polymer-pistols. This guarantees a felt recoil reduction and the fastest possible target acquisition after every round fired.

Polymer Frame

The TM-9 pistol comes with a rigid and ergonomic polymer frame, which not only leads to an enormous weight reduction but also offers some special features such as a Picatinny equipment rail to mount tactical lights and laser modules. The slide rails are not moulded into the Polymer but have an integral steel inlay in order to make them resistant to any kind of frame flex. An enlarged trigger-guard allows the use of gloves.

Hardness and Surface Treatment

The barrel and slide of the TM-9 are machined from solid stainless steel bars and undergo a special surface treatment to guarantee extreme hardness and corrosion resistance. All remaining metal parts within the system are also treated with special anti-friction and anti-corrosion processes. This allows us to give an extended 50.000 rounds guarantee on all main parts of the pistol.