Rocket fuel PZ-AM is a double base fuel delivering the main propulsion for the ejection of the K-36DM pilot ejection seat.

This TARA Aerospace AD Rocket Fuel has been assigned with the NATO Codification System Number NSN 1377-77-000-0138.

Datasheet PZ-AM  (PDF, 247 KB)
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Dimensions of single fuel element118 x 28.5 x 18 mm
Inside diameter of fuel element4.2 mm
Weight of rocket fuel3750 g
Heat capacity3.600 J/g
UN Number0491
ADR Number1.4C


1 set of (two sub-assemblies with natron paper and PE bags) per metal box.
Dimensions 306 x 156 x 192 mm.

Gross packing 4 metal boxes with 4 completes of PZ-AM in one wooden box.