Infrared Decoy Flare PPI-50-3 is designed to protect aircraft and helicopters from missiles with infrared homing. Suitable aircraft ejection devices such as KDS-23, KDS-155, APP-50, UV-3. It considers a generator of infrared radiation. The generator has been made from special infrared flare composition.

This TARA Aerospace AD Flare has been assigned with the NATO Codification System Number NSN 1370-77-000-0092.

Datasheet PPI-50-3  (PDF, 202 KB)


Length202 mm
Body Diameter50.2 mm
Rim Diameter56 mm
Weightmax. 850 g
Initial ejection velocity10 - 50 m/s
Burning timemin. 3 s
Operating altitudeup to 12'000 m
Operating temperaturefrom -60°C to +80°C
UN Number0093
ADR Number1.3G


Standard packing consists of 1 decoy in AlPE hose.

50 AIPE hoses in one wooden box.
Dimensions 710 x 370 x 285 mm.