Product Description
9-BM-623 Additional igniter 9-BM-623 is used for activating fire on airplane cannon GSh-30, taking continuous current to its igniter.
NT-26 Infrared Decoy Flare 26 mm is used for air shielding in not coercive rocket engines work conditions of the self-guide rockets on infrared irradiance.
PDO-1 PDO-1 is multipurpose and installed in pyro-devices of MiG-29 aircraft.
PK-16M Pyrocartridge PK-16M is designed for initial seat acceleration of the K-36DM ejection seat.
PK-3M-1 Pyrocartridge PK-3M-1 is designed for canopy rejection and activation of coercive connection devices and rejection of parachute bars.
PK-5-2 Pyrocartridge PK-5-2 is assigned for activation of pyrotechnical mechanisms on MiG aircrafts.
PP-3 Pyrocartridge PP-3 is designed for opening anti-fire lock on fire extinguishers of Russian helicopters, airplanes and tanks. Also used for cutting the underwater cable of helicopter sonar string shots.
PPL-T Pyrocartridge PPL-T is activating release locks.
PV-35 Pyrocartridge PV-35 is the initiation charge of the rocket engine accelerator PZ-AM of the K-36DM ejection seat.
PZ-AM Rocket fuel PZ-AM is a double base fuel delivering the main propulsion for the ejection of the K-36DM pilot ejection seat.
TVU-1-3D-0 Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-0 is activating the canopy lock opener of the MiG 29 aircraft.
TVU-1-3D-0.5 Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-0.5 is activating the canopy lock opener of the MiG 29 aircraft.
UDP2-1 UDP2-1 is designed for installation in pilot seats K-36DM.