Product Description
EPK-28-6 EPK-28-6 is assigned for built-in devices of russian aircrafts.
EPK-28-T1 EPK-28-T1 is assigned for built-in equipments of russian aircrafts.
EPK-28-T2 EPK-28-T2 is assigned for built-in equipments of russian aircrafts.
PK-16 Pyrocartridge PK-16 is designed for initial seat acceleration of the KM-1 ejection seat.
PK-3M-1 Pyrocartridge PK-3M-1 is designed for canopy rejection and activation of coercive connection devices and rejection of parachute bars.
PK-5-2 Pyrocartridge PK-5-2 is assigned for activation of pyrotechnical mechanisms on MiG aircrafts.
PP-3 Pyrocartridge PP-3 is designed for opening anti-fire lock on fire extinguishers of Russian helicopters, airplanes and tanks. Also used for cutting the underwater cable of helicopter sonar string shots.
PPL Pyrocartridge PPL is used as starter cartridge for weapon systems such as YakB Machine Gun, GSH-23 Aircraft Gun and Automatic Cannon 2A42.
PPL-T Pyrocartridge PPL-T is activating release locks.
PV-50 Pyrocartridge PV-50 is assigned for kindle propellant charge of rocket engine-accelerator on pilot ejection seat KM-1.
PZ-M Rocket fuel PZ-M is a double base fuel delivering the main propulsion for the ejection of the KM-1 pilot ejection seat.
R-4 R-4 is designed for opening the pilot survival kit.
TVU-1-3D-4 Pyrocartridge TVU-1-3D-4 is assigned for initiating of time automat mechanism of the MiG-23 aircraft, with products of combusting pressure.