Infrared Decoy Flare MJU-7A/B is used for air shielding in not coercive rocket engines work conditions of the self guide rockets on infrared irradiance. MJU-7A/B considers a generator of infrared radiation. The generator has been made from special infrared flare composition on base of the MTV (Magnesium-Teflon-Viton).

This TARA Aerospace AD Flare has been assigned with the NATO Codification System Number NSN 1370-77-000-0088.

Datasheet MJU-7A/B  (PDF, 217 KB)


Length205 mm (8'')
Body dimensions25 x 52 mm (1'' x 2'')
Rim dimensions27 x 54 mm
Weightmax. 370 g
Weight of explosive substancemax. 261 g
InitiationImpulse cartridge BBU-36/B
Bridge resistance0.8 - 1.2 ohm
Current strengthnot less than 4.25 A
Dispensing SystemsAN/ALE-40, AN/ALE-45, AN/ALE-47
UN Number0093
ADR Number1.3G
Packing GroupII


Standard packing consists of 88 flares in one plywood box.
Dimensions 700 x 365 x 270 mm. Gross weight: 40 kg.

Shelf life

Storage life: 9 years. Install life: 1 year.