Product Description
120-4-2785 Pyrocartridge 120-4-2785 (VVPR) generates gas pressure for activation pyrotechnical mechanism on pilot abdomen and shoulder fastening system.
PK-3M-1 Pyrocartridge PK-3M-1 is designed for canopy rejection and activation of coercive connection devices and rejection of parachute bars.
PK-7-T Pyrocartridge PK-7-T is assigned to provide initial acceleration to pilot seat.
PP-3 Pyrocartridge PP-3 is designed for opening anti-fire lock on fire extinguishers of Russian helicopters, airplanes and tanks. Also used for cutting the underwater cable of helicopter sonar string shots.
URM-1 Rocket engine URM-1 is implemented on the rescue pilot seat type VS-1 BRI assigned for Czech aircraft L-39 Albatros.
VMP-2M Pyrocartridge VMP-2M is assigned for activation of pyrotechnical mechanism implemented on pilot seat type VS BRI.