Pyrostriker EPU-253 is assigned for activating signal cartridges SP-26 mm in
the device EKSR-46 on russian aircrafts and helicopters.

Datasheet EPU-253  (PDF, 183 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Pyrostrikers  /  Flare Dispenser EKSR-46


Length47.5 mm
Diameter8 mm
Electrical resistance of circuit kindle0.5 to 1.6 ohm
Weight9.1 g
Weight of explosive substance0.03 g
UN Number0323
ADR Number1.4S


Standard packing consists of 17 cartridges in carton box.
Dimensions 265 x 60 x 116 mm.

Gross packing of 20 carton boxes (340 cartridges) in hermetic metal box.
Dimensions 306 x 156 x 192 mm.