Electropyrocartridge DP4-3 is assigned for initiating of igniter of start rocket engine of rocket 3M9ME5 "KUB".

This TARA Aerospace and Defence Products AD Electropyrocartridge has been assigned with the NATO Codification System Number NSN 1377-77-000-0131.

Datasheet DP4-3  (PDF, 212 KB)
This product is also listed in:  Electropyrocartridges  /  Vympel 3M9


Length42 mm
Diameter26 mm
Connecting threadM22x1.5
Thread for cables connectingM16x1
Weight75 g
Weight of explosive substance0.62 g
Electrical resistance of circuit kindle0.8 - 2 ohm
UN Number0276
ADR Number1.4C


Standard packing consists of 1 electropyrocartridge in hermetic plastic box.
Dimensions Ø 61 x 50 mm.