Our core expertise is the development and manufacturing of pyrotechnical activation and propulsion cartridges for pilot ejection seats of western and former soviet design.

Certified and accredited by many air forces and aviation repair and maintenance factories around the globe, TARA is acknowledged as the leading independent manufacturer of pyrotechnical aviation cartridges.

Being equipped with modern environment testing facilities and by conducting full performance and conformity tests, we are ensuring OEM specifications and highest quality of our products.

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Latest news

October 25th, 2018

NSN codified products

The Ministry of Defense of Montenegro has codified further TARA products with NSN numbers. Right now, we have a total of 49 products codified with NATO Stock Numbers (NSN).

April 15th, 2018

New website is online

We are pleased to present you our new website. Clear, modern and optimized for a wide variety of end devices.

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